Justin Mejorada-Pier

Software Engineer @Pinterest
mejorada.pier@gmail.com linkedin.com/in/justinmp mejoradapier.com

Justin Mejorada-Pier

CTO / Lead Engineer @Theorem (Y Combinator).
mejorada.pier@gmail.com linkedin.com/in/justinmp mejoradapier.com
San Francisco
I love the intersection of Engineering, Product, and Design.

I started coding by teaching myself during my high school years, with which I worked as a freelancer and took a leave of absence from my freshman year of college for 6 months to start my own start-up. It worked but it didn't get enough traction so I returned to college.

I joined Ooyala as a Software Engineer, where I developed many custom ActionScript video players that were used by tens of millions of users. I also developed 2 UI Engines for them, 2 production iOS apps, and many other projects in many different technologies and languages (e.g. Android, Web Apps, Flex, Python, and Ruby).

I was then promoted to Front End Tech Lead / Interim Engineering Manager and afterwards to Engineering Manager. During those 6 months I helped to double the size of my team to 15 engineers and 3 UI/UX designers, all incredibly talented.

At Theorem, a YC startup, I worked on the full stack of our platform.
Dec '14 to Present · Software Engineer @ Pinterest · 2 years
Jun '14 to Dec '14' · CTO / Lead Engineer @ Theorem (Y Combinator Startup) · 6 months
Apr '14 to Jun '14 · Engineering Manager @ Ooyala · 3 months
Dec '13 to Mar '14 · Tech Lead, Front End @ Ooyala · 4 months
Jul '11 to Dec '13 · Software Engineer @ Ooyala · 2 years 6 months
Jan '06 to Jul '11 · Intermittent Freelancer · 5 years 7 months

Data Visualization Summit 2017 — (Topic to be announced)
San Francisco, CA


Data Visualization Summit 2016 — From Data to Decisions
San Francisco, CA — April 21 & 22, 2016
CUDA-enabled Particle-Based 3D Fluid Haptic Simulation
Electronics, Robotics and Automotive Mechanics Conference (CERMA), 2011 IEEE
J. Mejorada-Pier, I. Figueroa, J. Huegel

Description of a method to accomplish haptic-enabled three dimensional computer simulations of fluids by approximating natural hydrodynamic behavior using particles that, as a whole, and through a simplified interaction model, simulate different kinds of liquid media, depending on a set of parameters.
Developed the lagrangian style simulation algorithm and software using C++, OpenGL, CUDA and a Novint Falcon haptic input hardware.
Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education — BSc, Mechatronics Engineering (Robotics) 2011. Cum Laude.
Main Skills
Brainstorming and implementing creative engineering solutions while thoroughly considering their product, design, and business aspects.

JavaScript, React, Objective-C / iOS, Python, ActionScript, and HTML & CSS
These are some of the technologies I've worked with over the past 12+ years:

Back End
PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Drupal 6, Drupal 7, CodeIgniter, Apache, Nginx.
Front End
Haml, Sass, Stylus, Bootstrap, HTML5 video, Ajax, jQuery, jQuery UI, Underscore, Underscore templates, Scriptaculous, YUI, CSS3 Animations, SVG.
Resque, Split, Paperclip, ActiveAdmin, Devise, Unicorn.
Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Animation, AFNetworking, AFIncrementalStore, GCD.
Low level
C++, CUDA, OpenGL, Multithreading, Haptic HMI hardware, POS printers, Freescale Microcontrollers.
REST, Facebook, Google Maps, Stripe, Ooyala, Youtube, Kaltura, Brightcove, among others.
3ds Max, Caligary 3D, Blender.
Android, Java, C#, Python, Flash, Flex, JSON, XML, YAML, Shell/Bash, Heroku, MVC, Git, Photoshop, ImageMagick. (These are some technologies I've used, at small or big projects.)